Continuum Multi Currency Pricing (MCP) allows consumers to price the product or service in their preferred payment currency through the use of a simple drop-down menu.

Unlike Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), Multi-Currency Pricing is not limited to Visa and Mastercard transactions and can be set up to include alternative payment methods. By offering your customers the ability to switch from the pricing currency to their preferred payment currency through MCP, the ‘path-to-payment’ can see increased browse-to-buy conversion rates of up to 20% and increased average transaction values of c. 8%.

Multi-Currency Pricing enables the consumer to choose their preferred payment currency and payment type thereby knowing exactly how much they are spending in their chosen currency. As MCP is not dependant on the credit or debit card number it can be offered at the beginning of the purchase process meaning consumers have price certainty from the outset, reducing the risk of them dropping off at the end of the process.

Multi-Currency Pricing can earn additional revenue for our clients at no additional cost to their consumer. It improves the consumer experience by offering price certainty and eliminating their exposure to exchange rate risk.

Features of our Multi-Currency Pricing system

No implementation fee

No implementation fee

No monthly maintenance fee

No monthly maintenance fee

No software licence fee

No software licence fee

Suitable for these verticals and sectors

Continuum's multi-currency pricing solutions help eRetailers recapture this lost revenue which we share with you on a fair and equitable basis

We are the dominant multi-currency solution provider in the full-service and low-cost airline market.

Acquiring Banks
Our white-label DCC and MCP solutions ensure that acquiring banks can offer our multi-currency solutions to their client base through existing client connections and existing client contracts.

Our multi-currency solutions allow overseas students and their guardians to pay in their preferred currency for student fees, accommodation, and ancillary services.

Our multi-currency solutions allow eRetailers to price in multiple currencies and to increase browse-to-buy conversion while decreasing shopping cart abandonment.

Our multi-currency solutions allow online gamers to pay in their preferred card or non-card currency.

FX Banks
Our multi-currency solutions facilitate the integration of FX banks for the provision of FX dealing rates and post funds settlement FX management services.

Payment Gateways
Our white-label multi-currency solutions ensure that Payment Gateways can resell our multi-currency solutions to their client base through existing client connections and existing client contracts.

Our multi-currency solutions ensure that all cross-border transactions can capture the FX conversion fee that is otherwise taken by card issuing banks.

Continuum - Multi-Currency Pricing is what we do.

Unlike some of our competitors we only provide MCP and DCC services. Our sole focus is on providing these services from implementation to ongoing management ensuring our clients get the most out of our MCP and DCC services with as little disruption as possible. We never touch client funds at any point in the transaction; nor do we disrupt the existing payments flow. Our solutions are risk managed and we are PCI DSS Level One compliant.

How our multi-currency pricing system is implemented

How is it Implemented?

At Continuum we pride ourselves on our industry knowledge, our domain knowledge, technical expertise and providing clever but simple solutions to complex challenges. We invest heavily in our people to ensure our working environment is the best that it can be.

Innovation is a key focus and ensures that we continue to lead from the front. For each project we assign a dedicated team of Project and Product Managers, Software Architects and Developers, Quality Assurance Engineers, IT Engineers and Account Managers to ensure your project goes live on time with all the features and functionality that we promise you we will deliver.

Dynamic Currency Conversion and Multi-Currency Pricing implementation can be perceived as being complex as its implementation can impact many departments within an organisation. We are acutely aware of this and that no two projects are ever the same, that is why we start each project with the preparation of a Client Requirements and Solution Document to be signed off by the client. To prepare this document our team needs to understand your business and your requirements. Depending on the complexity of the business and solution this understanding is gained via online and face to face workshops.

We are a pure-play technology solution and provide a best fit FX solution either insourced to client/partner or outsourced to major FX market maker banks connected to Continuum.

We never touch client funds at any point in the transaction; nor do we disrupt the existing payments flow. Our solutions are risk managed and we are PCI DSS Level One compliant.

We provide our solutions across multiple channels (web, mobile, App, POS terminal, call centre) covering both the digital and physical payment environments, thereby offering a seamless shopping experience.

Our philosophy is agile in our solution design, development, deployment and most importantly in our problem solving.

Our integration is non-disruptive and leverages partner pre-integrations meaning faster time-to-go-live.

Going live with our multi-currency solutions is not the end of the process but merely the beginning
Continuum has a team of people focused on making your multi-currency solution the best that it can be. We are constantly optimising and fine-tuning our client and partner solutions to ensure they are providing the best consumer experience whilst ensuring they are generating additional risk managed new revenue from existing payment costs.

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