The Continuum Story

Continuum has been a leader at the cutting edge of payment currency conversion services such as dynamic currency conversion and multi-currency pricing. We are a truly global company, with live implementations in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Continuum implemented the first DCC service for online sales in 2005, and has pioneered and set the standards for real-time online DCC at the time of purchase. We implemented the world’s first DCC solution for online gaming account top-ups. While Continuum has extensive partnerships within the payments industry, we are a fully independent provider of payment currency conversion and payments processing services. This means we can focus all of our efforts on the needs of your business, unconstrained by affiliations to any bank or third party.

Continuum has partnered with many industry leaders to deliver solutions to our customers – such as Navitaire, Amadeus, RADIXX, MasterCard, and Visa. We are a fully independent provider of multi-currency payments and payments processing services, privately owned, and not tied to any bank or third party processor. So Continuum is free to work with any existing third parties who may already provide services to your business. Continuum’s services are fully compliant with Visa and MasterCard regulations, and are operated within a fully PCI DSS compliant state-of-the art data centre environment.Continuum is held in high esteem by our customer base due to our domain knowledge in card payments and technology, and the professionalism of our project management and support staff. Our expert implementation team will take the time to really understand your business before presenting how our range of services can reduce your costs and increase your revenues. For these reasons, we build long-term relationships with our customers.

Our Technology
Continuum has invested significantly in its technology platforms and is proud of the flexibility and ease of integration which it can offer to merchants as a result. We are staffed by a combination of industry-leading card payments experts and technology experts, allowing us to offer the most comprehensive and resilient service to our customers.As a payments technology company, Continuum is committed to providing its merchants with a fully resilient and technically advanced solution.The Continuum DCC service uses an n-tier infrastructure design deployed within a hosted data centre environment that is compliant with both ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.To achieve a technically future proofed / advanced solution, Continuum relies on the development of consistent component-based system architecture. The code base itself is architected according to well-defined software frameworks that embody recurrent architectural patterns for middleware construction, and that facilitate its extension, adaptation and customization.


Our Methodology
All projects within Continuum are strictly controlled and managed by our Project Management Office (PMO), which is staffed by full-time professional Project Managers. A dedicated project manager will co-ordinate all necessary Continuum resources to implement the client’s project, and will also liaise with their counterpart on the client’s side to help them co-ordinate the required resources.Within Continuum there is a mature and proven lifecycle process for all projects that Continuum undertakes. This process gives predictability and repeatability to projects, which helps Continuum to guide the client through the most efficient DCC integration, and allows for the least possible call on resources from the client to achieve their revenue goals through on-time delivery.