Card Processors
Airline Travel Retail Card Processors
Continuum services the needs of merchants in many areas of the travel sector, such as airlines, hotels, car hire, train and package holidays. Our solutions can be tailored to meet the specific business and data needs of each of these industry sectors, such as extended reporting or industry-specific compliance requirements.

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You the merchant continue to price your goods or services as usual, but will offer your customers the option to pay in the currency of their card (DCC), or from a selection of currencies(MCP). You control the FX margin on the exchange rate instead of the customer’s bank converting the payment later, so the extra money goes to YOU. And your customers are happy – they get a payment amount guarantee, and no surprises on their bill.

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We are experts in card payments, multi-currency processing & we understand your business. Everything we do is transparent – no hidden margins, hedging or settlement delays of any kind. After all – its your money.Our platform is very flexible and easy to integrate with. It’s easily and quickly configurable on an ongoing basis to support your changing business needs.

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